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The German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV)

Our world is a world of vision. Sighted people register more than 80 % of incoming information through their eyes. This has grave consequences for people who can hardly see or not see at all.

The aim of the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) is to make a lasting improvement to the situation of the 1.2 million blind and partially sighted people currently living in Germany (WHO statistic). We want every blind or partially sighted person to be able to live as autonomously as possible, and for as much support to be available as is needed. We are therefore committed to the creation of equal conditions for the blind and partially sighted, as well as improvement of their social status.


  • impacts the creation and implementation of new German laws, as well as new EU guidelines and stipulations,
  • stands up for rights in matters specifically related to the disabled,
  • fights for compensatory measures to offset the disadvantages resulting from this disability,
  • pushes for accessibility in all areas of life,
  • supports the development and provision of suitable technical devices,
  • promotes the education and vocational training of blind and partially sighted People,
  • continues to develop counselling and support Services,
  • is a contact partner for the media and the public, as well as a partner for ophthalmologists and opticians concerning prevention and support measures.

As a non-profit self-help organisation, DBSV represents the interests of blind and partially sighted people, auditorily and visually impaired, death blind and of those who suffer from a disease leading to blindness or visual impairment. We combine and coordinate the public appearances and efforts of 20 regional associations. Our regional associations represent the interests of the blind and partially sighted at the level of the German Länder.
These regional associations look after approximately 250 local organisations with about 40,000 members. Here, comprehensive advice, as well as leisure activities, is available to the blind and partially sighted, as well as their next-of-skin. Thirty-three additional specialist organisations and institutions for the blind and partially sighted, responsible for a total of 10,000 members, play an active role in our committee work as “corporate members”. Furthermore, DBSV has stakes in non-profit organisations for the blind and partially sighted and plays a formative role in 25 further organisations, such as the German Disability Council (DBR). At an international level, DBSV is an active member in both the European Blind Union and the World Blind Union.


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