DBSV in English

The German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) is the national organisation of visually impaired persons and patients who suffer from a disease leading to sight loss. As self-help organisation, DBSV strives for an inclusive, forward-looking society free of discrimination.


As the umbrella organisation of the different German self-help organisations of the blind and partially sighted, DBSV combines and coordinates efforts of 19 regional associations. Our regional associations represent around 36,000 blind and partially sighted people at the local level, offering comprehensive advice and leisure activities. Thirty-five additional specialist organisations and institutions for the blind and partially sighted, responsible for a total of 10,000 members, are DBSV corporate members. For patients suffering from a disease leading to blindness or visual impairment, DBSV offers a special consulting service (“Blickpunkt Auge”), which is active all across Germany. As organisation of persons with disabilities, all members of the DBSV board are blind or partially sighted.


DBSV aims to make lasting improvements to the living conditions of blind and partially sighted persons in Germany. To achieve this, DBSV engages for instance in the following tasks:

  • Influencing the political process from start to finish
  • Advocating for accessibility in all spheres of life, including the built environment and digital areas
  • Upholding adequate compensatory measures for the disadvantages resulting from the disability.
  • Supporting the development and provision of assistive devices
  • Promoting tailored education and vocational training
  • Developing needs-based counselling and support services
  • Organising events to raise awareness about the blind and partially sighted community and their demands
  • Serving as contact point and partner for the media, interest groups, ophthalmologists and opticians as well as the general public

The work of DBSV is grounded in the understanding of equal rights for and equal participation of blind and partially sighted people as a human right. Therefore, DBSV works towards the full implementations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Germany and in Europe.


On the national level, DBSV in engaged in multiple network organisations, among them the German Disability Council (DBR), the National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations (BAGSO) and the National Association of self-help organisations of people with disabilities and chronic diseases (BAG SELBSTHILFE). DBSV also initiated the German Foundation of the Blind (Blindenstiftung Deutschland) and is shareholder in the German School for the Blind (Blista) and the Legal Aid Office for Persons with Disabilities (rbm).

On the international level, DBSV is an active member of the European Blind Union and the World Blind Union. DBSV coordinates campaigns and projects for the European Blind Union and cooperates with other European Associations of the Blind in youth work and knowledge exchange. Through its members and networks, DBSV is also connected to the European Disability Forum, the European Deafblind Union and ICEVI Europe.

Contact Person

Merve Sezgin Head of International Relations Rungestrasse 19 10179 Berlin Deutschland Telefon: 0049-30-28 53 87-120 https://twitter.com/DBSV_Germany