International Low-Vision Song Contest - Responsibilities of the Partner Organizations

You've signed up for the ILSC as a partner, or you're thinking about joining the next contest?

These are your responsibilities.

As a partner organisation, your main responsibilities are:

  • Confirming your intent to become a partner organisation until the deadline specified in the invitation e-mail.
  • Finding an artist or group and song to represent your country in the Grand Finale of the ILSC, and submitting your choice in due time. Your nominee must fulfil the conditions of participation.

When there are several artists or groups and songs willing and able to represent your country, you must pick one representative. You may do so in whichever way you choose. For example, you can

  • pick a representative yourself
  • host a preliminary round in which the audience may vote for their favourite
  • stream the different songs on a platform and let the public vote a nominee

If you'd like to know how a preliminary round might work, you can watch the German preliminary round of the ILSC 2021 on youtube. If you're planning on doing a preliminary round, let us know! We'd love to listen to the amazing artists signing up to represent your country in the finale!

Your main responsibilities end once you've submitted your nominee. However, in the spirit of accessibility and exchange, you can also

  • advertise the ILSC Grand Finale on your public channels to increase the size of the audience on the date thereof
  • provide a voiceover in your country’s language during the event
  • seek out partnerships with other platforms e.g., radio stations or streaming services, where the event may be broadcasted to reach a larger audience