The Pfeifi-Books

from Annette Strack

The teacher for early intervention Annette Strack of the Pedagogical Early Intervention Center of Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt developed the Pfeifi-books. They are adressed mainly to blind pre-school children, but also to sighted children. They improve activities, tactile strategies and concept development and first of all they make a lot of fun to the children.

All of the books you can easily build on your own.

Find more information in the following articles:

Pfeifi 1: What Pfeifi discovers under the carpet

Pfeifi 2: What is gone, is gone

Pfeifi 3: Pfeifi sings

Pfeifi 4: Pfeifi Allcounter and Korkus Neverfull

Pfeifi 5: „Five little things“


Texts and ideas:

Annette Strack, Pädagogische Frühförderung für blinde und sehbehinderte Kinder, Diakonisches Werk für Frankfurt am Main des Evangelischen Regionalverbandes

Photos: Alexander Sell