Audio Guide and Navigation Support: "Jewish Life in Berlin" City Tour

The tour was guided by Nirit Ben-Joseph

Speaker: Ilana Schmidt

Navigation tracking and support: Lea Eberle and Reiner Delgado

Download the navigation file in GPX-format and import to the app MyWay Pro for iPhone or to the app Seeing Assistant Move for Android or iPhone.


Audio Tour Download Links

Track 1: Start at Rosenstrasse

Track 2: Memorial of Rosenstrasse Protest

Track 3: Man on a Bench

Track 4: Old Synagogue

Track 5: Cemetery

Track 6: Monument

Track 7: Inscription with Star of David

Track 8: Jewish School

Track 9: Bullet Holes in a Wall

Track 10: Stumbling Stones

Track 11: House of first female Rabbi Regina Jonas

Track 12: New Synagogue

Track 13: Restaurant Hummus and Friends


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