Conditions of Participation

What songs may participate in the contest?

Songs may take part in the contest, if …

  • … the song has lyrics,
  • … at least the lyrics’ author or the composer and one of the musicians is blind or partially sighted,

  • … it is maximum 4 minutes long or is faded out at that mark,

  • … it is sent as a video or an audio file with additional photos,

  • … participants agree with all conditions of participation. They agree – in case they are selected – that their audio, video and foto material will be streamed and published on the internet and they are available for a live interview during the final show.


Partners of the ILSC 2023 must register their finalist until March 31st 2023.

Your submission must include:

  • Your nominated song as audio file or music video, with a length of 4 minutes max. – to preserve the quality of the files, we’d like to ask you to submit WAV files for audio, and MOV or AVI for video; since these file formats are usually rather large, we recommend submitting your files via WeTransfer or similar file sharing platforms
  • If only audio is provided: photo of the artist or band, additionally things and places relevant to the song and/or artist or band
  • The name of the involved artists, their role in the creation and performance of the song, and if they are visually impaired
  • The artist’s or band’s contact information
  • Optional: further information on the artist or band and their song

We look forward to listening to your nominee!


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