Rocksong „We are not fucked“

Dieses Lied entstand im Rahmen des Projekts „Musicted Hannover 2015“.

Mehrere Musiker sitzen zusammen und jammen

Guitars: Michele Romeo, Andrea Guerra
Violin: Dea de Feo
Bass: Scot Chesworth
Vocals: Dalia Lombardi, Lucy Hayward, Pedro Saez, Anna- Christina Pérez Belmonte


Walking on the street
In the noise of my thoughts
A child's laugh surprises me
The fear of the future switches off.

We are not fucked, we are not fucked, we are not fucked, we are not fucked!
A burst of light across the horizon
Shadows are forming, blanketing the ground
Our paths are weak, inconsistent and worn out
And when we are lost, we can always be found.

The axis we live on
It turns and never stops
We need no explanations
Open your heart, reach out your hand...

Lost in the dark with no faith in myself
Turn on TV, my mind gets scared
But love is still in every mans heart
That's why I believe we are not lost.

Animals go to extinction, but new species are born
The planet repairs the damage with love
It's why I can scream "we are not fucked".